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Josephine DeFalco is an author, organic gardener, food preservationist, nutritionist, self-proclaimed chicken lover, health advocate, history geek, and environmentalist.

"Words fascinate me. As the language of the heart, they evoke powerful emotions. My  writing is inspired by the natural world and my interest in history.  I am drawn to profound  and obscure events unrecognized for their influence on humanity and the evolution of  future generations."

-- Josephine DeFalco, Author




Book 1 of the Butterfly Series

Published Books

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“Josephine DeFalco’s writing in The Nightbird’s Song is perhaps most notable and memorable for its wonderful rhythm established between the eventful and the mundane—a perfect replication of the natural flow of life conveyed here so very well.”
—Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers' Favorite

"The Best Little Herb Book inspired me to start a garden and grow herbs. Such wonderful family recipes using home grown herbs include Erin's Classic Tomato Salsa, Beef Burgundy and more!"

Thank you for visiting Josephine DeFalco Books. I hope you will find my writing thoughtful, at times insightful, comical,
and always leaving you wanting more time to open a good book to enter another world.
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