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About the Author

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The History


Josephine DeFalco was born and raised in the Southwest near central Arizona. She grew up playing with horny toads, cactus wrens, and Red Racer snakes, occasionally winning a battle of grapefruit wars with the neighborhood boys. Jo received her first writing award in the third grade for a poem about two basset hounds.

As eating was a primary concern in her Italian family, she earned her first BS degree from the University of Missouri-Columbia in nutrition and dietetics, returning to Arizona to work as a registered dietitian. While raising her three children, she freelanced as a health editor for a local women’s magazine. She earned her second BS in nursing from Arizona State University and was later certified as an EMT while continuing to practice in health care.

The Author


Josephine writes both fiction and nonfiction books. Her historical novel, The Nightbird’s Song, was awarded a 5-star review from Readers’ Favorite. The story, set in the mining community of Bisbee, Arizona, chronicles the lives of two families struggling to survive in the Arizona Territory. The nighbird’s haunting melody reminds us that we are strengthened by what we survive.

The Best Little Bread Book, nonfiction, was developed in response to a successful crop of Sonoran wheat grown on her urban farm. Jo is driven by her passion to inspire new gardeners to grow and preserve their own, organic foods. She encourages gardeners to avoid processed foods laden with salt, sugar and fat, and adopt a healthier lifestyle by growing organic. Her most recent book in the Best Little series, The Best Little Herb Book, shares her experience growing, preserving and utilizing culinary herbs. Both books include a collection of home-tested recipes.


The Woman


Josephine continues to write from her farms in Arizona and Wisconsin, with her husband, two dogs, and several spoiled laying hens.

Visit her Facebook page for tips and updates in healthy gardening. Jo encourages everyone to relish the wonders of growing and preserving their own nutritious foods, taking responsibility for their health and well-being, and honoring our beautiful planet.

Author's Point of View

I am a work in progress. Here are a few words people use to describe me:

nonconformist, feisty, sarcastic, sassy

(this explains the blog)

naturalist, organic, earthy, health advocate

(something of a Granola and old hippie)

writer, articulate, creative

(I want people to think)


(smart enough to know I don't have all the answers and defer to a higher power)

resourceful, survivalist

(I believe we need to take care of ourselves first, and then our community)

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