The Best Little Bread Book and The Nightbird's Song by Arizona Author Josephine DeFalco


New gardeners will follow the garden path to growing, processing, and utilizing fresh, home grown, organic herbs. Create mint ice cream from your own mint plants! Taste a raw fennel bulb for the first time.

Recipes have been tested in a home kitchen by a dietitian with decades of gardening experience.  Invite nature into your life and reap the healthy benefits of growing your own herbs. 

The Best Little Bread Book by The Best Little Organic Farmer, Josephine DeFalco

Bread, created from whole grains, has been a mainstay of humanity for thousands of years, and should continue to be an important part of a healthy, balanced diet. Enjoy the simplicity of the recipes as well as the wisdom about baking this comforting food for your family shared by a woman who is a dietitian, farmer, EMT, nurse, mother and grandmother, and organic bread master.


Click here to get a sneak peek at a recipe that is included in the book.





Following the sudden death of her husband, Brenna McEvoy finds herself a widowed mother of three young children, and despite her privileged upbringing must somehow find a way to survive and make a living for her family. Brenna's only asset is her charming Victorian home which she transforms into a boarding house for local miners. Although Brenna is unskilled at managing a house full of men, she quickly rolls up her sleeves to embrace the challenge, but the struggle of day-to-day living forces her to open her eyes to the suffering and bigotry surrounding the working class. As time passes, she learns to survive in a competitive mining town, where tongues wag quickly and tales spread quicker. When she falls in love with a working man, Manuel Rodiguez, and she finds herself shunned by her family and friends, she must decide to follow the rules of society or follow her heart. The nightbird's song reminds Brenna that we are strengthened by the struggles we survive ... but will her resolve be enough to save her children?



I've been reading Mother Earth News for over thirty years.  I never fail to find something new that is applicable to my own lifestyle. It's great for beginners or experienced permaculture enthusiasts.

A Drop in the Night

What I love about this book is that the author has taken one, unknown, historical event, and opened our eyes to the brave men and women that helped preserve democracy.  Well written and a good read.

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