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"Yum-don't you love to walk into a bakery? The heady scent of yeast hits our olfactory then our mouths start salivating for something our brains have already distinguished as delectable!... That is how it was (without the smell- dang it!) when I started reading Josephine DeFalco's The Best Little Bread Book. It didn't take me long to read through the 55 page booklet. Nor did it take me long to decide I was making focaccia Bread using rosemary from my own herb garden"​

March 03, 2017

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"I love this Bread book. Everything is healthy and can't wait to make the wonderful recipes with my daughter to feed her new family the greatest breads ever!"

February 07, 2017



"This is a great Primer for any novice herb grower. I now am well-versed in how to start my own herb garden with all the suggestions and the practical guidance offered by author Josephine DeFalco. The practical planting guide is useful for getting started, including soil, fertilizer and location. Her suggestions take the pressure off beginning a herb garden, and allows for experimentation for continuous success. I also like the methods for preserving and use in cooking complete with recipes. Beware! After reading you will also be a backyard herb gardener and enthusiast!"

July 02, 2017

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"I love, love this herb book! A graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, I find Josephine DeFalco's Best Little Herb Book invaluable. It's informative, comprehensive, and a delight to read."

June 28, 2017


"The Best Little Herb Book inspired me to start a garden and grow herbs. Such wonderful family recipes using home grown herbs include Erin's Classic Tomato Salsa, Beef Burgundy and more!"

June 20, 2017


Readers' Choice Star.png

In 1905, in the town of Bisbee in the Arizona Territory, a married woman aided by her Mexican maid gives birth to a baby girl named Sara. Thus we are introduced to the first of many intriguing characters in Josephine DeFalco’s novel, The Nightbird’s Song. The woman, Brenna, is a character of strength and heart around whom the novel unfolds in a multi-plotted, varied tale of murder, hardship, grit and turmoil, interspersed with love, relationships, and family. In other words, a tale about life. In a uniquely important manner, this specific setting within turn-of-the-century Arizona—a rugged desert environment filled with predators and prey, both animal and human—becomes as instrumental to the story as the characters themselves. Left alone in this secluded, arid place, Brenna must face and overcome the ever-escalating consequences of her husband’s disappearance, as the novel turns to personal trials and tribulations, shared victories and failures, and most significantly her ever-evolving relationships with major friends and family members.


Josephine DeFalco’s writing in The Nightbird’s Song is perhaps most notable and memorable for its wonderful rhythm established between the eventful and the mundane—a perfect replication of the natural flow of life conveyed here so very well. The evolution of many strong, enduring friendships—as compared to many less desirable family characteristics—as they occur within the larger patterns of a quite demanding life are extremely well developed and handled by the author. Like the characters themselves, and the ruggedly demanding, copper-rich but inaccessible locale, the reader feels himself to be an integral part of this book; a witness—with somewhat more perspective than the other engaged participants—to a meaningful procession of unpredictable events, never really knowing what might come next, but like the nightbird with its song, always calling for another.

April 30, 2016

bisbee mine front.jpg

“I found Josephine's writing style to be up there with the best of the famous authors. I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it...”

November 01, 2015

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“Great book! A wonderful Arizona west historical book that takes place in Bisbee in the early 1900's. The brave and strong woman Brenna, is a great example of the frontier woman of that time.”

October 01, 2015


“... it was a great read because I am not much for historical books but the author combined creativity with history and created a very lovable and knowledgeable read, thank you for making Arizona History so easy ...”

May 01, 2015

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“This story was one of those that goes deeper than just the words on the page (though it is extremely well written, too!). Set during a different time and a different culture, it really does the job of bringing you back through history.”

May 01, 2015

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“I really enjoyed reading this book—it's a book to savor; to wish it wouldn't come to an end. I hope Josephine will write many more books. Highly recommended!”

September 01, 2014



"Heart Warming and Compelling"

"A heartwarming read with genuine characters living through life's tribulations and joys. I cannot wait to ready the next book in the series."

March 19, 2024

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