"Words, like nature, half reveal and half conceal the soul within."

The Best Little Organic Farmer and Arizona Author, Josephine DeFalcoJosephine DeFalco

The Best Little Organic Farmer,

Josephine DeFalco

Words fascinate me. They evoke powerful emotions only surpassed by music, the language of the soul. My writing is inspired by the natural world as well my interest in history, especially profound and often obscure events unrecognized for their influence on humanity.
The Nightbird's Song, historical fiction, is set in the mining community of Bisbee, Arizona, and chronicles the lives of the McEvoy and Higuera families, struggling to survive in the Arizona Territory. The nightbird's hypnotic song reminds us that we are strengthened by the struggles we survive.

The Best Little Bread Book, nonfiction, was conceived while baking bread with our home-grown wheat. As a dietitian and an organic, urban farmer, I have a driving passion to share my gardening experience, recipes, and love for healthy bread baking through my cookbook.

The Best Little Herb Book, the second in the Best Little series, teaches beginning gardeners how to grow and preserve their own culinary herbs and includes a discussion on a variety of kitchen tools that cut preparation time in half.

Thank you for visiting Josephine DeFalco Books. I hope you will find my writing thoughtful, at times insightful, comical, and always, leave you wanting more time to open a good book to enter another world.
“Josephine DeFalco’s writing in The Nightbird’s Song is perhaps most
notable and memorable for its wonderful rhythm established between
the eventful and the mundane—a perfect replication of the natural flow
of life conveyed here so very well. ”
—Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers' Favorite

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