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Book 1 of the Butterfly Series


The Nightbird's Song

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In Bisbee, Arizona, following the sudden death of her husband, Brenna McEvoy finds herself a widowed mother of three young children, and despite her privileged upbringing must somehow find a way to survive and make a living for her family. Brenna's only asset is her charming Victorian home which she transforms into a boarding house for local miners. Although Brenna is unskilled at managing a house full of men, she quickly rolls up her sleeves to embrace the challenge, but the struggle of day-to-day living forces her to open her eyes to the suffering and bigotry surrounding the working class. As time passes, she learns to survive in a competitive mining town, where tongues wag quickly and tales spread quicker. When she falls in love with a working man, Manuel Rodiguez, and she finds herself shunned by her family and friends, she must decide to follow the rules of society or follow her heart. The nightbird's song reminds Brenna that we are strengthened by the struggles we survive ... but will her resolve be enough to save her children?

I found a message in The Nightbird's Song.  With life, there will be sadness, happiness, love, and loss. Through it all, we need people around us who love us and whom we love to help get us through. I really enjoyed reading this book--it's a book to savor; to wish it wouldn't come to an end. I hope Josephine will write many more books. Highly recommended!

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Meet the Author


Josephine DeFalco is an author, organic gardener, food preservationist, nutritionist, self-proclaimed chicken lover, health advocate, history geek, and environmentalist.

"Words fascinate me. As the language of the heart, they evoke powerful emotions. My writing is inspired by the natural world and my interest in history. I am drawn to profound and obscure events unrecognized for their influence on humanity and the evolution of  future generations."

- Josephine DeFalco, Author -

Published Books

The Nightbirds Song book cover, a novel by Josephine DeFalco 1a 200px.PNG

The Nightbird's Song, historical fiction, is set in the mining community of Bisbee, Arizona, and chronicles the lives of the McEvoy and Higuera families, struggling to survive in the Arizona Territory. The nightbird's hypnotic song reminds us that we are strengthened by what we endure.

“Josephine DeFalco’s writing in The Nightbird’s Song is perhaps most notable and memorable for its wonderful rhythm established between the eventful and the mundane—a perfect replication of the natural flow of life conveyed here so very well.”
-Joel R. Dennstedt, Readers' Favorite

The Best Little Herb Book, the second in the Best Little series, teaches beginning gardeners how to grow and preserve their own culinary herbs and includes a discussion on a variety of kitchen tools that cut preparation time in half.

"The Best Little Herb Book inspired me to start a garden and grow herbs. Such wonderful family recipes using home grown herbs include Erin's Classic Tomato Salsa, Beef Burgundy and more!"

The Best Little Bread Book by The Best Little Organic Farmer, Josephine DeFalco

The Best Little Bread Book, DeFalco's driving passion to share her gardening experience, food preservation, recipes and love for healthy foods, literally brings it to the table. Learn the basics of bread baking by hand, or utilize the convenience of a bread machine. Fill your home with the aroma of fresh baked bread, the ultimate comfort food

"I love this Bread book. Everything is healthy and can't wait to make the wonderful recipes with my daughter to feed her new family the greatest breads ever!"

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